2022 TFHKA Post-Conference Workshop – Brain Gym® 26 Movements


Dive deep into the 26 Brain Gym® activities. Experience them in your body. Gain a better understanding of each movement, the philosophy behind the Brain Gym program, and how this knowledge can support your daily life routine. Open to all.

During this 2-day course, you will

  • notice changes in your own body before and after each of “the 26” Brain Gym movements
  • identify life events as part of a learning loop or as a stress response
  • learn the language of Educational Kinesiology as it relates to the dimensions of learning (sidedness, stability, locomotion)
  • discover how these movements can support one’s and others’ development of physical skills

This course is filled with simple take-home strategies to support your Touch for Health work, OT and PT therapy, MNRI therapy and more. Early childhood through college educators enjoys supporting their students with these simple movements to reduce anxiety, increase focus and coordinate eyes, ears, hands and whole body for increased academic performance. Requiring no special equipment, people of all ages can benefit from these movements.

“The twenty-six activities, along with a program for “learning through movement” were developed by educator and reading specialist Dr. Paul E. Dennison and his wife and colleague, Gail E. Dennison who say that the interdependence of movement, cognition, and applied learning is the basis of their work.

Clients, teachers, and students have been reporting for over 30 years on the effectiveness of these simple activities. With all the new research into the correlation between brain function and movement, it is clear to see why these movements have worked so well. They often bring about dramatic improvements in areas such as: concentration, focus, memory, academics (reading, writing, math, test taking), physical coordination, relationships, self-responsibility, organization skills and attitude.” Excerpted from www.braingym.com/the-activities/

Your instructor, Cindy Goldade is a pioneer of Brain Gym® 26 Movements course. She helped develop the Movement Facilitator track to allow others to teach the 26 movements. She was also instrumental in creating the policies for bringing it online.


Bio: Cindy has a Master’s in Education. She homeschooled her three children while learning Touch for Health, Brain Gym® and Reflex modalities. She teaches in the Montessori graduate and Early childhood undergraduate programs at the University of Wisconsin-River Falls. As International Brain Gym® Faculty she enjoys facilitating courses to a worldwide audience. She has a gift for weaving storytelling with theory and balancing it all with intentional physical activities. Cindy actively volunteers at 4-H and her church, as well as for Breakthroughs International. She helped shift to online learning at the onset of the pandemic, assisted in the writing of the Movement Facilitator track, and for the past three years has collaborated on updating the Edu-K In Depth course manual. Wearing many hats, lifelong learner is her favorite.


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