2022 TFHKA Post-Conference Workshop – Plantars and Dorsals: Muscles for the Feet


Sunday, August 7th, 2022, 2 – 4 pm
By Earl Cook
Includes PDF Class Workbook

Whether you are walking, running, jumping, dancing, or simply standing, you are using the muscles of your feet. When the muscles of your feet are inhibited, weakened or not functioning properly, your body attempts to compensate.

Foot pain, ankle pain, knee pain, leg pain and hip pain can all be part of the body’s compensation system. Balancing these muscles is very beneficial for relieving pain and better posture.

In this powerful two-hour live online workshop, you will learn powerful techniques for testing and correcting non-functioning muscles of the feet that are not part of the normal TFH curriculum. Many times, foot pain disappears almost immediately when using these corrections.

A PDF workbook of the technique and illustrations of the feet and related muscles/systems is included. These illustrations were created by Earl Cook, innovator of these techniques and instructor for the class.

Bio: Earl was first introduced to Touch for Health in 1976 when a seven-year old injury was fixed in minutes with TFH. His longtime goal has been to write the eTouch for Health software to spread TFH around the world.

During 2001-2003, Earl and his wife, Gail, worked closely with TFH founder, Dr. John Thie to develop the eTouch app, now used in homes, clinics, spas and schools in over 85 countries. He became an instructor in 2005 and awarded the International Kinesiology College’s 2010 John Thie Award for his contributions to TFH and research. He was recognized as TFHKA Instructor of the Year, 2016-2017.

During 2017-2018, Earl developed an online Video-on-Demand system that trains students 365/24/7 days. During 2021, Earl developed 21 online courses. He has been teaching them to over 300 students since the training began.


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