2022 TFHKA Post-Conference Workshop – Tools of Kinesiology


Monday, August 8th and Tuesday, August 9th, 2022,  10 am – 6 pm
By Steve Hansen

Tools of Kinesiology is a thorough introduction to Energy Kinesiology techniques. It teaches basic muscle response testing, pause lock, jaw stacking, meridian points and basic meridian balancing, emotional release, nutritional healing, and how to assure that your muscle testing is accurate. You will learn:

  • Muscle Response testing
  • Diagnostic to ensure coherence of Muscle Response testing
  • Using Pause Lock to accelerate and focus healing methods
  • Nutritional testing and healing
  • Meridian testing and healing
  • Emotional healing

Bio:  Steve has been doing Energy Kinesiology for 26 years, including Touch for Health, Applied Physiology, Neuroenergenic Kinesiology, Kinergetics, SIPS, Kalos and KABS. He founded KABS (Kinesiology Acupressure Balancing System) and has various created classes for KABS and NEK. Steve works at the Institute for Specialized Medicine in San Diego, CA where he woks with many patients including those with autoimmune conditions


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