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Top 3 Reasons to Attend the TFHKA Annual Conference

1. Learn from Leaders in the Field
2. Network with Like-Minded Individuals
3. Enhance Your Skills and Expertise for Energy Balancing

2023 TFHKA Conference Logo

Find Your Balance

Learn, grow, and share the benefits of Touch for Health, the most widely used system of kinesiology in the world.

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Community Support to Empower Your Growth in Touch for Health and Bio-Energetic Kinesiology

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Welcome to the Touch for Health Kinesiology Association Website! We are very glad you’re here. 

The Touch for Health Kinesiology Association (TFHKA) is a 501(c)(6) non-profit, member run, national organization, dedicated to educating the public about Touch for Health, a wellness system of holistic self-care and manual muscle balancing.

In cooperation with the International Kinesiology College (IKC) in Australia, TFHKA supervises, and maintains educational standards of Touch for Health in the United States.

Our Mission

The Touch for Health Kinesiology Association is a membership organization that nurtures a growth mindset for sharing, caring, and building a strong community of individuals using Touch for Health to support balancing the body and the regeneration of your health from within.

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TFHKA Members

Join Our Community of Passionate People

We avidly encourage the development of a solid Touch for Health education to confidently move forward and achieve transformation that is both productive and purposeful, to positively impact the health and well-being of yourself, friends, family, clients, and co-workers.

Whether you learn Touch for Health Kinesiology for personal use, are a Touch for Health Provider, or TFH Instructor, the Touch for Health Kinesiology Association encourages you to join us, to enhance your skills, and deepen your understanding, and awareness about the powerful benefits of manual muscle balancing.

Become a member of TFHKA to learn, grow, and share the benefits of Touch for Health with the world.

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