TFHKA Scholarship Program

TFHK Scholarship Program

Thanks to a gracious donation by Lillian Poston’s family the TFHKA Scholarship Fund was established in 2020.  Lillian ran a non-profit, upon her death the non-profit dissolved, and the funds remaining in her scholarship fund were donated to TFHKA to create our Scholarship Program.

It will take continued donations to build our scholarship fund, and ensure that there is money available to help support members in need.

Here’s How Can You Help Us Fund the TFHKA Scholarship Program:

  • Use the “round-up” feature on the shopping cart on the website.
  • Make a Donation designated for the TFHKA Scholarship Fund. (As a 501c6, donations to TFHKA are not tax-deductible. Check with your accountant to see if your “donation” qualifies as a business expense.)
  • Donate your time to present a TFHKA Zoom Event (All revenues generated will help fund scholarships.)
  • Create a Legacy Project Gift with TFHKA as the Beneficiary (Designate funds for Scholarships)
  • Become a Corporate Sponsor (A portion of all Sponsorship fees will go into the Scholarship Fund)
  • Participate in other Special Events, Promotions, and Fundraisers for the TFHKA Scholarship Program
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Who is Eligible to Request a TFHKA Scholarship?

  • Priority will be given to TFHKA members.
  • Members / Instructors / Instructor Consultants dealing with financial hardships making it difficult to maintain your membership, or attend the annual conference are eligible to apply.
  • Students in need are also eligible to receive full or partial scholarships for TFH 1-4 classes.
  • Students interested in becoming a TFH Instructor, but finances are hindering your ability to continue are encouraged to apply for a full or partial scholarship.

Who is Eligible to Request a TFHKA Scholarship?

Currently our Scholarship Account has limited funds available. As we continue to receive donations, and the fund grows, we look forward to helping more people through the TFHKA Scholarship Program.

Need Assistance?

If you are in need of Scholarship support, please complete the TFHKA Scholarship Application form.

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