Call for Speakers

Call for Speakers for the 2024 Annual TFHKA Conference has closed.  If you would like to be considered for the 2025 Annual TFHKA Conference, you can email with your interest.  Thank you!

Are you an experienced Touch for Health practitioner, or health professional with insights and expertise to share with the TFHKA community?  We are looking for enthusiastic people who are willing to share their passion for Touch for Health, Kinesiology, and energy balancing as a Speaker at our Annual TFHKA Conference, and other events.

TOPICS for TFHKA Presentations

For the TFHKA Conference and workshop presentations we are looking for topics that are relevant for: 

TFH Students – Topics to include, but not limited to:  
  • Muscle Testing
  • Understanding TFH Philosophy and Principles
  • Overcoming Balancing Challenges
  • Gaining Confidence
  • Goal Setting
  • Using specific balancing protocols
  • Integrating TFH into your life
  • Integrating TFH into your practice (as a professional in…_______)
  • Anything and Everything related to becoming a proficient Touch for Health student, and not just being a student who attended a workshop, and never started using TFH
  • Helping students take what they’ve learned and get confident to use TFH for themselves and to share with friends and family as was John Thie’s goal for TFH.
TFH Instructors  – To include, but not limited to: 
  • Teaching Techniques
  • Business & Marketing Support
  • Teaching Admin Responsibilities
  • and/or any topic related to helping TFH Instructors do an excellent job at
    •  teaching
    • mentoring students
    • helping to guide students thru all 4 levels of TFH, (and hopefully encouraging their students to continue on to become a TFH Instructor / Consultant.)
TFH Instructor/Consultants:

To include, but not limited to: everything for Instructors above, as well as topics helpful for working with clients as a consultant.


  • How to build your TFH consultant practice
  • How to keep clients coming back regularly for “balances.”
  • How to market your consulting practice….
  • And anything else that can be of value to a TFH Instructor/Consultant.
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