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Please complete a separate course application below for each topic you would like considered for a presentation or workshop.

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Course Objectives

Please list 3 to 5 course objectives. What will be the key takeaways from this topic? Example: Quickly and Easily Identify Energy Flow Patterns for Wheel Balances.
Example: Do you sometimes feel challenged to find the optimal starting point for a 5-Element Wheel Balance? Are you looking at a Beaver Dam, Triangles, Squares, or Spokes…? Do you get confused and feel unsure of what to do next? During this 45-minute Masterclass you will learn simple strategies to better understand how to determine quickly and easily what you are looking at with the relationship of “locking” and “unlocking” muscles, and where to start your balance for best results. As a student, this presentation can help you gain confidence in seeing the relationships between the muscles, meridians, and enhancing energy flow for doing 5-element balances. As a TFH teacher, perhaps you’ll learn a few new teaching tips to be able to share with your students to help take these somewhat complicated concepts to new levels of understanding.

Presentation Outline

Click the + to add more entries. See below for an example.
  • Welcome & Introductions (5 minutes)
  • Understanding the Wheel (5 minutes)
  • Identifying Energy Patterns to Determine Your Starting Meridian (15 minutes)
  • Tips and Techniques to Practice Working with the Wheel (5 minutes)
Please include a list of any books, videos, or other reference/resource materials that you will reference during your presentation. Example: 1. Touch for Health - The Complete Edition, by John Thie, DC and Matthew Thie, M.Ed 2. Website article title – include link: __________________________________________ 3. YouTube video– include link: ______________________________________________
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(Your Journal paper/participant handout is not required to be submitted now, but will be requested once your presentation topic has been selected.) For the TFHKA Annual Conference, all speakers must submit a Journal paper by the date requested for inclusion in the Conference Journal. You will be notified the date this is paper is due upon confirmation that you have ben selected as a Speaker.
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