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Help yourself and others enjoy better health from within.

Learning Touch for Health Kinesiology is one of the best things you can do to help yourself and your whole family enjoy better health from within. By learning simple energy balancing techniques at a Touch for Health Training Workshop, (and practicing your new skills,) you’ll gain proficiency and the confidence to incorporate Touch for Health balancing as a part of your lifestyle for improved health and vitality.

Touch for Health is for Every Body!

Touch for Health was developed by John Thie, DC to be used as a healing modality by people who had no prior knowledge about muscle testing, meridians, acupressure points or “energy balancing,” but were interested in learning skills to be pro-active to help themselves and their families live a healthier, happier life.

Whether you are young, old, or somewhere in between, if you are curious and interested in learning a simple, safe system to balance your body, mind, and energy, you are encouraged to participate in a TFH workshop.

Touch for Health Helps You:

  • Clarify Personal Goals and Reduce Stress Around Achieving Them
  • Release Mental, Emotional, Physical, and Energetic Blocks
  • Relieve Pain, Reduce Stress, and Release Tension
  • Improve Muscle Function
  • Support Enhanced Nutrition
  • Enhance Vitality, Boost Energy, and Promote Peak Performance
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Wellness Providers Also Can Benefit from Touch for Health Training

Touch for Health Training can help wellness practitioners in every field enhance their expertise. While it was originally developed to be used by lay people, Touch for Health has evolved, and is a foundational energy balancing system that is now widely used by wellness practitioners in fields like:

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Massage Therapy

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Pilates Teachers

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Personal Training

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Health Coaches

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Yoga Instructors

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Sport Coaches

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Animal Care Specialists

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School Teachers

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Yoga Instructors

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Pilates Instructors

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And More…

Wellness practitioners are using their specialized Touch for Health training and incorporating energy balancing into their sessions with clients to help facilitate faster, and more lasting results, for positive change.

Become a Touch for Health Professional

If you are passionate about sharing Touch for Health, you can enjoy a part-time or full-time career as a Touch for Health Instructor or TFH Instructor/Consultant – teaching Touch for Health workshops to others and/or working one-on-one with clients.

Learning Touch for Health

Regardless of the personal reasons you have for wanting to learn Touch for Health, everyone starts as a student with the basic Touch for Health Level 1 Workshop and progresses sequentially through all four levels of training.

Each level of Touch for Health (1-4) can be taken as a weekend workshop (15–16-hours) or you can take an Intensive TFH Synthesis Course (60 hours) to cover all four levels as an immersive weeklong workshop to quickly build your Touch for Health knowledge.

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How to Find a Touch for Health Workshop in the USA

There are Touch for Health Instructors and TFH Workshops offered across the USA, and around the globe. The Touch for Health Kinesiology Association (TFHKA) provides a database of qualified Instructors that are members of TFHKA to help you locate to help you locate a Touch for Health class. Both live and virtual training is available.

Please check the TFHKA Directory to locate a TFH workshop near you.

Learn more about each of the Touch for Health courses, pre-requisites, and requirements for completion for each of the Educational Paths to Wellness available with Touch for Health

TFH Level
1-4 Courses

(and Your Family)

TFH Proficiency & Metaphors

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TFH as a Wellness Provider

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TFH Instructor

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Become a TFH Instructor/Consultant

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