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Get Involved

Are you interested in doing more, and actively getting involved to assist with our initiatives to help grow and support TFHKA with our goal of reaching more people with Touch for Health and Kinesiology?

As an association that is run by members, for members, we need you!  And hope that whether you’ve been a member for a month, or for the past 40 years, that you are inspired by our mission, and are willing to share your expertise, roll up your sleeves, and volunteer whatever time you can spare to help continue to move TFHKA forward.

At any given moment, there are a million projects we’d love to move forward to serve our members more.  It takes passionate people, with a bit of time to dive in, help get the work done, and keep the ball rolling to help get our projects and initiatives from the idea phase to completion.

What Can You Do to Help?

  1. Serve as a Committee Chair
  2. Volunteer as a Committee Member
  3. Serve a Term on the Board of Directors
  4. Volunteer to Help with a Short-Term, or Special Project
  5. Submit Articles for Posting on our TFHKA Kinesiology Blog
  6. Share TFH with your Friends, Family, and Co-Workers
    and Encourage Them to Join You as a TFHKA Member
  7. Become a Corporate Sponsor – Promote Your Business,
    and Help Support TFHKA at the Same Time
  8. Help Boost our Social Media Presence by Liking, Sharing, and Commenting
  9. Contribute with a Financial Donation to Help Support Ongoing Operations/Projects
  10. Make a One-Time, Monthly, or Annual Donation to the TFHKA Scholarship Fund
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Volunteer to Serve on a TFHKA Committee

Each committee has a variety of objectives to work towards together, under the direction, support, and approval of the Board.  To learn more about roles & responsibilities for each click on the committee(s) you are curious about for details. 

  • Conference Committee
  • Instructor/Consultant Support Committee
  • Newsletter Committee
  • Membership Committee
  • Marketing Committee
  • Education Committee
  • Scholarship Committee

Whether you want to be a committee chair, or a committee member, if there is a specific committee you are interested in supporting, or you’d be happy to help where we need you the most, please submit your volunteer application. If your schedule won’t allow you to volunteer on a regular basis, but there are times when you might have a few extra hours here and there, and you’d like to help, please apply!  Once we know your skills sets, and availability, we will contact you to see what special projects might be a fit for your schedule and expertise.

Serve on the TFHKA Board of Directors

To become a TFHKA Board Member, you must be an Affiliate Member or above. Board Members are voted in for a 3-year term at our Annual General Meeting for members. However, if there is a need for new Board Members, they may be appointed by the Board, to begin serving, and then will be placed on the ballot for membership to elect at the next AGM.

The Board of Directors consists of a President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, and up to 5 additional Board Members. The Board meets virtually for a monthly meeting, and additional half-day, full-day, or 2-day meetings to work more in-depth on projects as needed. If you have questions about serving on the Board, please Contact Us for more information. If you are interested in being considered for a Board Position, please complete the Volunteer Application Form.

TFHK Board of Directors
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Submit Articles for the TFHKA Kinesiology Blog

Education and sharing are key principles that our association was built on. We are thrilled to have members from all over the world, and each of you with your personal, and professional experience has something to share! TFH tips, techniques, success stories, anything relevant to Touch for Health, energy balancing, goal setting, Kinesiology, self-care, using TFH with your family, incorporating TFH and Kinesiology into your career as a nurse, massage, therapist, or other wellness practitioner… We look forward to seeing the content that you have to share with the whole TFHKA community on our Blog! View the guidelines and submit a blog post here.

Become a TFHKA Corporate Sponsor

Get your business noticed by people who are interested in Touch for Health, Kinesiology, and improving wellness by becoming a Corporate Sponsor of the Touch for Health Kinesiology Association.  We want to help your business grow, and provide referrals to our members for reputable products and services.  Your support as a corporate sponsor helps provide the additional financial resources we need to grow too.  Corporate sponsorship is a win-win arrangement for both your business and the association. Learn more about Corporate Sponsorship Opportunities Now!

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Connect with TFHKA on Social Media, and Help Keep the Kinesiology Conversation Going

Connect, Like, Share, Comment… Help us help you (our members, and the general public) by building a bigger social media presence of fans and friends of TFHKA, ensuring we can reach more people with Touch for Health information and education.  

  • Help members connect with members.
  • Help the general public find the resources they need to enroll in a TFH class.
  • Help TFH students learn more about TFHKA membership and what we have to offer.

Do You have Financial Resources to Share?

Are you short on time, but long on cash, and feel inspired to make a financial contribution to the TFHKA. We love this type of volunteer contribution too! As a 501c6 non-profit, donations are not tax deductible. But check with your accountant, because you may be able to use your donations as a business expense.

We are in business to serve members. And for this to happen we need the financial resources to maintain business operations. Our board and committee members are all volunteers in un-paid positions. But there are still lots of ongoing monthly operational expenses (even with a virtual office…) Your donations help us with operations and the funding to move special projects/initiatives forward. You can also earmark your donations to go specifically into our Scholarship Fund. With much gratitude, we appreciate your contributions. Thank you!

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