About the Touch for Health® Training Workshops

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Learning Touch for Health is the BEST Gift you can give Yourself! (and share with others…)

There are four levels of Touch for Health. Each course is taught in a 15/16 hour workshop, or you can opt to participate in a 60-64 hour immersive TFH Synthesis course.

By completing all four levels of Touch for Health training, you will learn how to balance 42 muscles, and work with pathways for improving meridian energy flow. Quickly clear stress patterns, support posture,  aid nutritional needs, reduce and eliminate pain, improve vitality, and enhance whole-body health.

Upon successful completion of each course taught by an IKC approved/TFH Instructor you will receive a certificate of attendance to demonstrate your achievement in completing that level of your TFH training.

*Certificates of attendance are provided for participants in levels 1-4, from the International Kinesiology College (IKC), which is the only authorized worldwide organization responsible for TFH curriculum and sets the standards for Touch for Health® Training.

Continuing Education Credit for Professionals Who Participate in Touch for Health Workshops (CEC’s/CEU’s)

Some levels of the Touch for Health courses are pre-approved through TFHKA for continuing education credits if taught by a TFHKA Professional Instructor member. However, if a level of TFH course you want to participate in is not currently pre-approved by an organization that you need CEC/CEU credits for based on your wellness profession, you can always “petition” for credit after you’ve completed the course. Ask your TFH instructor, they can provide you with the additional information you may require to submit your petition to your professional organization.

Completing TFH certification courses.
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Explore our course offerings to find the best path forward for you to complete your Touch for Health® Training.

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