TFHKA Legacy Program

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Make an Impact by Creating a Lasting Legacy with Charitable Giving

Through a Life Insurance Policy with TFHKA as the Designated Beneficiary

Leaving a legacy, is a way to continue to positively impact the lives of others after you’re gone.

As you think about the shape and story of your life, you can also design and create the impact your legacy. 

Many people express the desire that they wish they could contribute more financially to the Touch for Health Kinesiology Association and other non-profit organizations that they truly believe in and want to support. But it can be challenging to donate, and some members don’t feel that they have enough financial resources to be able to give enough to make a meaningful impact, while they are living. 

This is where the TFHKA Legacy Project comes in.

Are you aware of the fact that your legacy can be proactive, intentional, and specially designed and created by you? 

Are you passionate about Touch for Health? Are you interested in helping support the continued growth of TFHKA, and helping us provide more services, resources, and education to get more people involved in learning, doing, and teaching Touch for Health?

The Touch for Health Kinesiology Association has an amazing legacy that has been given to us by Dr. John Thie, and many other early kinesiology practitioners and pioneers who have been teaching, and sharing TFH for almost 50 years.

As a community, we rely on members to support each other and the association, by volunteering time, energy, and expertise. The association also relies on financial contributions to ensure we can move special projects and initiatives forward to support our mission and goals as an organization.

If you are interested in making an impact and contributing with a financial legacy gift to help support the Touch for Health Kinesiology Association, you can do this by obtaining a life insurance policy, or specialized insurance policy that you create specifically with TFHKA as the beneficiary.

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Your Legacy Project Gift can be designated for:

  • Operations
  • Special Projects
  • The TFHKA Scholarship Fund
  • Or you can leave your Legacy Gift undesignated, and we’ll use it where it’s needed the most

This is a verified, legal, and proven method that can leave a larger-sized legacy to a beneficiary with less of your money contributed.  There are many factors that make each policy unique and specific.  You can choose the amount you would like the beneficiary to receive as your legacy.  Different insurance companies will have different limitations on the amount.  If you use a burial/funeral/end-of-life whole life insurance policy, it will require no medical exam and can be obtained quickly and easily. Just fill out a simple application and answer a few health questions.  If you opt for a level-premium type policy the quoted premium will never go up.  Quotes are individualized and will be different and perform differently due to age, gender, and your answers on simple health questions.

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Here is an Example of the Impact You Can Make with a Legacy Gift:

You can purchase a $25,000 end-of-life policy for around $400 per year for 20 years (about $33 per month.) Over 20 years, you’ll pay about $8,000, but at any point from the first day you took out the policy until you actually die, the beneficiary will receive $25,000. Rather than never having the opportunity to leave a $25,000 legacy, because that amount of money isn’t immediately available, you can put money into a vehicle which will at some point be able to make a significant legacy contribution.

The $25,000 number is only an example. Depending on what you’d like to do, the size of your gift, and the amount of the monthly premium you want to pay, you may have the option to do more, or less than this amount.

Curious about monthly payments?  The chart below can give you an idea of what a monthly contribution to your policy might be.  This chart is from Mutual of Omaha/United of Omaha, which is one of the premier end-of-life policy providers.  The proceeds from the policy can be used for anything and don’t have to be used for funeral expenses.  The product name is Living Promise, the premiums are fixed and don’t increase.  It’s a permanent policy that can’t expires, the coverage can’t decrease in value, and the beneficiary will receive a tax-free cashier’s check for whatever amount of coverage you purchase.  There are no medical exams to schedule, only a few health questions will be asked on the application.  The policy won’t be cancelled for any reason.  If offers coverage beginning the first day the policy takes effect.  You must be between the ages of 45-85 when you take out the policy.  (This product isn’t available in NY)

NOTE: These are limitations specific to Mutual of Omaha; other providers may have different limitations and prices. We’ve included this to help give you an idea of cost/value for consideration.

Check with your insurance agent to get more information about policy options and current rates.

Life Insurance document






45 Year Old Female





45 Year Old Male





56 Year Old Female





56 Year Old Male





62 Year Old Female





62 Year Old Male





73 Year Old Female





Next Steps to Get Your TFHKA Legacy Project Gift Established:

1. Go Create Your LIving Legacy!

What impact can you make NOW to share your passions and fulfill your life’s purpose? We would love to have you volunteer to serve on the TFHKA Board or a Committee if you’re interested!

2. Schedule a personalized consultation with your life insurance agent.

Your insurance agent can help answer questions and help you explore other policy types, options, amounts, and premiums that will also allow you to create a legacy gift to TFHKA.  You may also be able to add TFHKA to an existing policy and designate the amount you’d like to leave as your legacy gift.

3. Go to the Legacy Project web page

Get quotes for different policy amounts.  You can purchase a policy on your own, and/or run quotes without the fear of someone calling you to sell you a product.

Disclosure: If you choose to purchase on your own through this Legacy Project website, member Christine McGough will make a commission on the sale. She has promised that all commissions will be donated back to TFHKA.

4. Name the Touch for Health Kinesiology Association as a beneficiary

To name the Touch for Health Kinesiology Association as the beneficiary, you will need to select a business or non-profit as your beneficiary (not an individual).

The info you’ll need is:

  • Business Entity Name: Touch for Health Kinesiology Association
  • US Tax ID #: 20-1624460
  • Mailing Address: 524 3rd Street S #179, Nampa, ID 83651
  • TFHKA Phone: 919-637-4938

Thank You for Your Consideration
to Establish a Legacy Project Gift with TFHKA as Your Beneficiary

We hope to have you as a member of TFHKA for a long, long time. And we realize that it may be 15-20 years before your legacy gift will be fulfilled to make an impact to help support the Association.

Planning now for the future, will help ensure we can continue to promote Dr. John Thie’s vision of “Healing the World, One Balance at a Time!”

Your financial support will ensure that TFHKA will continue to prosper as we move forward into the next 50 years of service to reach more people with the benefits of Touch for Health!

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