About the Touch for Health Kinesiology Association (TFHKA)

TFH 2017 Conference

The Touch for Health Kinesiology Association is a 501c6 Non-Profit Membership Association that was established in 1990. (Formerly the TFH Foundation, established in 1975.)  We are a member-run, national organization, dedicated to educating the public about Touch for Health, a wellness system of Kinesiology for holistic self-care, and energy balancing.  Membership in TFHKA is open to both professionals and the general public. Everyone who is interested in learning, doing, and sharing Touch for Health is welcome to join us!

In cooperation with the International Kinesiology College (IKC) in Australia, TFHKA supervises and maintains educational standards of Touch for Health in the United States.

Our Mission

The Touch for Health Kinesiology Association is a membership organization that nurtures a growth mindset for sharing, caring, and building a strong community of individuals using Touch for Health to support balancing the body and the regeneration of your health from within.

Our Vision

To inspire TFHKA members to learn, grow, and share the benefits of Touch for Health with the world.

Our Guiding Principles

1. To Continue to Fulfill Dr. John Thie’s Original Vision

That every family would have access to safe and effective tools for health enhancement. And that everyone (whether a health professional or lay person) if they are interested in learning a holistic system of health care, has access to information, and the opportunity to learn Touch for Health to be able to “look inside for answers,” to discover for themselves the life-changing, health-enhancing benefits of balancing the body with Touch for Health.

2. Self-Responsibility

To work within a Self-Responsibility model for health care.

3. Health Triad

To acknowledge the Triad of Health, emphasizing the importance of Structural, Nutritional, and Mental/Emotional wellness.

4. Muscle Testing

To use muscles, and muscle testing as a biofeedback mechanism to gather information from both our body and mind.

5. Body Energy

To work with subtle body energies, emphasizing our own uniqueness, and using the tools provided with Touch for Health to “energetically balance” the body to be healthy, happy, and whole.

Touch for Health Kinesiology Association Core Values

Community icon

 Empower Families & Build Community

Increase icon

Increase Confidence in Using Touch for Health

Fun Learning icon

Have Fun Learning, Growing, and Sharing

Helping icon

Help Yourself, Help Your Family, Help Other People

Responsible icon

Utilize the Self-Responsibility Model to Support Wellness

Health icon

Use TFH to Enhance Health & Vitality

Excellence icon

Strive for Excellence

Trust Your Body icon

Learn to Trust What Your Body Tells You

Ethical icon

Be Ethical in All You Do

Collaborative icon

Maintain a Collaborative Spirit

Education icon

Quality Education for Continuous Improvement

Next Gen icon

Nurture the Next Generation

FAQ’s – Frequently Asked Questions about TFHKA

Who can become a member of TFHKA?
Membership is open to Everyone. Whether you are just getting started with Touch for Health as a Student in a workshop, are just interested in using TFH for yourself, and your family, use TFH with your clients as a part of a complimentary health profession, or are a TFH Instructor or Consultant. Check out TFHKA Membership Information for more details.
Who Runs the Touch for Health Kinesiology Association?
The Touch for Health Kinesiology Association is run by members for members. We are a volunteer-powered organization! The TFHKA Board of Directors oversees operations, and dedicated member-volunteers on Committees help us get things done. If you are a TFHKA member, and are interested in volunteering, we’d love to chat with you. Learn more about serving on the Board or volunteering for a Committee.
If I’m Interested in Volunteering, How Do I Get Involved?

To serve on the Board, you must be a member at one of the following levels: Allied Health Professional, IKC-Certified/TFH Proficient, Professional TFH Instructor, Professional TFH Instructor/Consultant to apply. When seats on the Board are open, Board Members are voted on by all members at our Annual General Meeting (held at the annual TFHKA conference.) Board terms of service are for 3 years. Volunteers are needed for occasional short projects, ongoing tasks, and our annual conference. To volunteer to help on a short project, or join a Committee, please complete our Volunteer Profile, and we’ll be in touch to help get you started. Thanks for your intertest in volunteering!

Why Attend a TFHKA Conference?

It’s a challenge to put into words just how many benefits there are to attending the annual TFHKA conference. Whether you’re a student, Touch for Health Teacher, in a complementary wellness field, or just curious about TFH. Our annual conference is a must-not-miss event! If you are brand new to TFH, you’ll be blown away by the friendliness of everyone in attendance. Add to this the opportunity to listen and learn from icons in the Kinesiology field, as well as everyday folks with experience and expertise to share to help you grow and learn. Get tips to fine-tune techniques, gain insights for energy balancing, and re-energize your commitment to wellness enhancement – attendance is priceless! We hope to see you at the next conference!

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