Thank you for filling out our TFHKA Volunteer Application Form!

We are thrilled that you are willing and eager to give your time and expertise as a member-volunteer to help serve the Touch for Health Kinesiology Association community.  Bless you for volunteering to help us promote TFHKA to continue Dr. John Thie’s legacy of making TFH available and accessible so that everyone can learn simple self-care strategies to enjoy “Health from Within”. 

As a membership organization that is run by members, for members, it is only with the help and support of the great people we have in our community that we can keep the TFHKA Association going and growing.

Your application has been received and is currently being forwarded to the Board for review. 

Let’s be honest, sometimes we’re efficient, and sometimes it takes a bit longer to get things sorted, because we are all volunteers!  So please be patient with us while we get you in the loop and plugged into a volunteer position that best utilizes your skills so that you can be most useful to help support our projects, initiatives, and the continued success of the Association.

If you have any questions before stepping into a volunteer position for TFHKA, please contact us.

Someone from the Board, or our Volunteer Committee Coordinator will be in touch with you soon.

On behalf of the entire membership, Thank you! (And we look forward to having you as a volunteer.)

In Good Health,

TFHKA Board of Directors
Touch for Health Kinesiology Association

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