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Make sure you complete the Presenter Application Form first or your application will be ignored. You can complete this form multiple times if you have multiple courses to present.

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Please list 3 to 5 course objectives. What will be the key takeaways from this topic?
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Please include a list of any books, videos, or other reference/resource materials that you will reference during your presentation.
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Your handout is not required to be submitted now, but will be requested once your presentation topic has been selected and a Virtual Training date has been confirmed.
Once you click the submit button below for your Virtual Presenter Course application form, it will be reviewed by the TFHKA Education Committee, and the TFHKA Board of Directors for approval. Applications are reviewed monthly. Be sure you have submitted Both the Presenter Application form AND the Course Application form for consideration. If we have any questions while processing your application, we will contact you. If you have questions about completing your application, please contact us.

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