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Demetra M. Samaras
TFHKA Board Member

After many years in the corporate world, Demetra made the decision to stay home and start a family. But raising a family takes a village, and at the time, that village was nowhere near her. A move from Chicago, Illinois to Athens Greece had her feeling alone, and struggling to find ways to help herself and her family. She was looking for tools to help improve her own wellness. From Greece, her family moved again, and is currently living in Dubai. And it’s here that for her the magic begins. Demetra became a Master Life Coach, and NLP practitioner. But she still felt like there was something missing on her path of Self Healing. She found what she was missing with Kinesiology, and since then hasn’t stopped learning!

Demetra is a Touch for Health Provider, and TFH Instructor. She is also a BrainGym® instructor, and HeartSpeak practitioner. As her family responsibilities lessen, and she can focus on creating her business, her company name will be Kinisis Coach.

While Demetra has only been a member of the association for a short time, she is thrilled to be serving on the TFHKA Board as it has become her passion to give people tools to help themselves! Her ultimate goal is to be able to establish Kinesiology Learning Centers in the United States, starting in Chicago, her hometown. A center where practitioners can come together to learn, practice, and enrich their knowledge. We as Kinesiologists carry a wealth of knowledge that needs to be spread to everyone! Demetra truly believes that we need to spread a little bit of magic everywhere we go!

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