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Kelly Richardson
TFHKA President

Kelly Richardson has been a kinesiology practitioner since 2010. Kelly earned a bachelor of science degree in education in 1996 and a master in education administration and supervision in 2011. Kelly has had a passion for teaching all her life. Since entering the kinesiology world, she has continuously educated her community and taught several students ways of integrating kinesiology into their own lives and practices.
In 2013 Kelly opened the Richardson Center for Learning & Wellness in Janesville, Wisconsin. In 2018 she opened a second location in Milton, Massachusetts. Since the pandemic, she re-consolidated to one location as travel was difficult.

Kelly also has two other successful businesses that she owns. One is a lakeside restaurant and the other is Airbnb properties.

In her spare time Kelly loves to spend time with her family. She also enjoys traveling to new places and renovating old spaces.

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