TFHKA Member Spotlight

Thank You for Being a Member of TFHKA!  We are excited to spotlight the expertise and experience of our passionate TFHKA Community on our Website, in Newsletters, and on Social Media.  Whether you are a Student Member, Associate, or TFH Instructor/Consultant, everyone’s support is appreciated to help us reach more people to help them learn about TFH and TFHKA.

We NEED more member support to achieve our mission and grow, and this is an easy way that you can help TFHKA increase visibility and build our community to share Touch for Health Kinesiology with the world.


Here’s how you can help and what we are looking for from YOU. 

  1. Create a short video clip on 1 subject relating to your experience with:
  • Learning TFH, and participating in TFH 1-4 Courses
  • Attending the TFHKA Annual Conference
  • Being a Member of TFHKA
  • Being a TFH Instructor
  • A quick tip for practicing TFH
  • Or story about how a specific TFH Balance has benefited you

Videos can be done on your phone! Don’t worry about editing them…. Just be yourself, and share your thoughts, record, and submit.  There is no limit to the # of submissions you make. 

Video Recording Tips:

  • Hold your phone sideways (horizontally).
  • Make sure you have good lighting, natural lighting is best.
  • Make sure you are in a quiet place so you can be heard clearly.
  • Smile and let your personality shine!


  1. VIDEO Submission Guidelines
  • Video Length: 30 seconds to 3 minutes (generally shorter is better. 30 sec to 1:30)
  • Video Intro: include the following
    • Your name
    • Your profession
    • Your business name (if applicable)
    • Your level of TFHKA Membership
    • and how long you’ve been a TFHKA member.
  • Then, Tell us what you’re going to share about, and share your thoughts
    • Examples:
      • I want to share with you why I took my first Touch for Health class and how learning Touch for Health has helped me _____________________
      • I took Touch for Health 1-4 because…. And here’s how it’s helped….
      • I have been attending the TFHKA Annual Conference now for ____ years, and here’s why I keep coming back…
      • I became a TFHKA Member because….
      • I think everybody should be a TFHKA Member, and here’s why….
      • Being a TFHKA Member has made as much of an impact on my life as learning Touch for Health, and here’s why….
      • I became a TFH Instructor because…..
      • Here’s what I love about teaching Touch for Health…
      • Here’s a quick tip to help you with your TFH balances….
      • Here’s a quick tip to help you as a TFH Instructor….
      • Today, I want to share a quick story with you about how a TFH Balance made a difference in my life.
    • What NOT To include:
      • Do NOT include a pitch for any products, services, or classes that you teach
      • Do NOT include a verbal website URL to direct people to your business.

Script Example: (this is approximately a 1min video)

Hi, my name is Sally Smith, I am a personal trainer and an Associate member of the Touch for Health Kinesiology Association, and I’ve been a member for 8 years.  I joined after taking my first Touch for Health workshop, because I was totally fascinated by what I was learning about muscle testing and balancing the body.

When my TFH Instructor told our class about the Association, and that they were dedicated to supporting everybody who was interested in learning and practicing energy kinesiology, I was eager to become a member, and I’m so glad I did.

I’ve met so many amazing people that are now dear friends, and I love attending the annual conference, and there is so much amazing information shared by so many top-notch presenters that I haven’t missed a conference since I became a member.

If you are interested in Touch for Health and energy Kinesiology, I really encourage you to become a member of the Touch for Health Kinesiology Association, and attend the Annual Conference you’ll be so glad you did, I know that I am!



  1. Use the Form Below to Submit Your Videos
  • Submit as often as you’d like.
  • Try to share 1 concept per post (to keep them short & sweet)

Let your personality shine, just be yourself, and share your positive energy and passion for TFH and TFHKA.

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