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Energy Mismatch

by | Apr 28, 2023 | Book Reviews | 0 comments

Hormones, Enzymes, Viruses, Heavy Metals, Vaccination, Drugs, Allergens, Flower Remedies, Homeopathics, and more.

Book by: Jane Thurnell-Read

Energy Mismatch is a sneaky little book. At 8 1/2” x 5 1/2” and with only 80 pages, this little, unassuming book contains a profound protocol that can be incorporated into any work. If you can muscle test and use an indicator muscle, you can use this protocol.

When an energy mismatch occurs, there are three possibilities:

            1. Something beneficial is miscategorized as harmful.

            2. Something harmful is miscategorized as beneficial.

            3. Something is uncategorized.

None of these three options is good for the body. The energy mismatch test determines whether or not the energy system recognizes the substances appropriately, whether or not the correction will work, and, if the body allows it, provides an easy tapping correction.

Corrections are generally immediate at the energetic level but take time to filter down to the physical level. The amount of time required can be determined by questioning and muscle testing. The protocol is very easy and does not involve stacking. The protocol comes from a one-day class that Jane Thurnell-Read used to teach.

As indicated by the subtitle, almost anything can be tested. The book has discussions on foods, food additives, inhalants, contact substances, minerals, supplements, bacteria, viruses, and more. The actual substances, or test vials can be used for testing. Test vials contain the energetic signature of the item being tested and are used just like the actual substance for testing purposes.

Although not in the book, I believe the “imprinting” method for testing will work also. In this method, the name of the item is written on a piece of paper and is placed writing side down on the testing location. It’s quick, easy, and inexpensive compared to purchasing test vials, and it also works in the substance, or a test vial is not available.  “Imprinting” as a testing method for the protocol in the Energy Mismatch book, can be a nice middle ground between actually using the substance, and using a test vial.

One interesting topic in this book is the concept of a client being deficient and overloaded at the same time. This can occur when the body is not absorbing something properly and is not excreting it but is storing it inappropriately. This can result in symptoms of an overload and an overt deficiency at the same time. Fixing the energetic mismatch can allow the body to process the item properly and fix both problems at the same time.

The protocol is short and easy to use for both new and experienced kinesiologists. It’s one that I am adding to my tool kit, and I think you should consider adding it to yours.

Energy Mismatch is available from The Kinesiology Bookstore. When you use these links, any purchases made help support the Touch for Health Kinesiology Association.


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