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NLK Mental Fitness Exercises

by | Apr 28, 2023 | Book Reviews | 0 comments

NLK Mental Fitness Exercises


Marion Miller and Wendy Bennett

NeuroLinguistic Kinesiology (NLK) was developed in 1990 by Wendy Bennett of Australia, using information primarily from NeuroLinguistics, Educational Kinesiology, and Touch for Health. NLK Mental Fitness Exercises is an answer to every parent’s question, “What can I do to help my child between sessions?” For the practitioner, it provides a written set of instructions with drawings which can be assigned as homework or incorporated into sessions.

This lovely little book, 37 pages, contains exercises that can be used at home, at work, or at school to support brain integration and general living and learning. They can be done solo or in a group setting. The exercises should not cause any pain or discomfort and should be performed within the person’s physical limits. While this book is aimed at children, the exercises may be done by adults as well.

The exercises cover topics such as emotional release, acupressure points, muscle release, bilateral movements, memory input technique, and 5-minute switch on. Each exercise contains a drawing of the exercise, a written description of how to do the exercise, what the exercise is aiming to accomplish, and a brief explanation from a child’s point of view of why he/she might want to do that particular exercise.

Learning should be an enjoyable experience. Stress in any form can affect brain integration and make learning difficult. These exercises are designed to reduce the effects of stress on the brain thereby aiding in areas such as concentration, comprehension, synthesizing, reading, writing, and communications. It should make for a happier child if he/she is not having to struggle to learn.

NLK Mental Fitness Exercises is available from The Kinesiology Bookstore. When you use these links, any purchases made help support the TFHKA.


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