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Rekindled Ancient Wisdom Using the power of Affirmations to Support Energy Balancing

by | Oct 6, 2022 | Book Reviews | 0 comments

Rekindled Ancient Wisdom is a series of books by Pam Myers and Sally Worth of Australia. The six books in the series contain a wealth of information. Each book has 140 different topics with 40 affirmations per topic which can be easily accessed by simply scanning the table of contents, then scanning the resultant page. The affirmation can then be used as a goal, incorporated into your balance, balanced directly, or in any way you choose. These affirmations can be used with any approach you are using with your clients.

Book 1 is the most wide-ranging topically. It encompasses the twelve parts of the being:  Emotional Being, Dimensional Realities, Spiritual Being, Higher Self, Mental Being, Inner Child, Physical Body, Parent Gene, Subconscious, Ego, Soul, and God Within as well as topics such as body systems, personal power, potential, fear, hydration, creativity, and determination.

Book 2 contains physical body affirmations. It covers items such as glands, structure, organs, hormones, systems, oxygenation, osmosis, elimination, absorption, utilization, movement, and the senses.

Book 3 is about program affirmations. What are your core beliefs? They are probably in this book. Starting with “I am a Failure” and ending with “There’s Nothing I Can Do About That”, this book has it all.

Book 4 covers emotional affirmations. With 5,600 different emotional affirmations to choose from, there is opportunity to gain access to very specific stresses. This gives added depth to your emotional balances, and they also work beautifully with age recessions.

Sabotages – we all have them, and Book 5 addresses them. Topics include sabotage on wisdom, hydration, the inner child, the ego, communication, change, weight, assertiveness, and creative expression.

Fears – your amygdala at work. Book 6 contains an extensive list of fears. Fortunately, fears can be released. Among the items in this book are fear of relaxation, of allowing people close, of standing up for yourself, of abundance, of the future, of being judged, of being made fun of, of not being liked, of heights, and of getting hurt.

The Rekindled Ancient Wisdom affirmation books are a wonderful addition to any practice with any modality. They work well with an issue on line or in the clear. They can be balanced using the complete statement or can be narrowed down a specific in the affirmation which is causing stress. They can be used as spoken affirmations. Be creative and try your own uses.


This book review was written by Carol Wells owner of The Kinesiology Bookstore.

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