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Touch for Health Kinesiology Research Study Finds that Clients Report Improved Self-Awareness, Reduces Stress, and Enhanced Wellbeing

by | Apr 28, 2023 | Research Articles | 0 comments

There hasn’t been a lot of actual Touch for Health Kinesiology research done on the effects of Touch for Health. Even though it’s been in existence since the early 1970’s.

John Thie DC and his wife Carrie originally called the program Health from Within, but the name was changed when they published the first Touch for Health book in 1973. Since then, Touch for Health Kinesiology has been taught and is practiced world-wide. There are millions of people over the past 50 years that have learned, taught, and utilized the Touch for Health Kinesiology system. Yet minimal Touch for Health Kinesiology research…

For people who have learned and studied Touch for Health Kinesiology, both Instructors and students, as well as clients who work with qualified Touch for Health Kinesiology practitioners, we all take for granted the amazing benefits Touch for Health has to offer for wellness, because we’ve personally experienced the benefits. But there are lots of logic-minded people out there that want to see the research, or ask, where is the “proof?” They are unsure and want to know more, before they trust that this might be beneficial for their body, are willing to schedule a TFH session, or enroll in a Touch for Health workshop.

Which is why the Touch for Health Kinesiology Association was thrilled to get notification about the peer-reviewed research study, by Ingrid Maine, Anita Julieanne Horvath, and Phyllis Lau that has been published in Complementary Therapies in Clinical Practice.

While the test group for this study was relatively small, this peer-reviewed research study is a great read and reinforces what those of us who practice Touch for Health already know.  That Touch for Health as a mind-body modality can benefit clients to help support improved self-awareness, as well as help reduce stress, enhance wellbeing, and promote self-care. Touch for Health Kinesiology’s use of a mind-body approach along with muscle testing is a valuable wellness modality that can complement conventional medicine.

To access this kinesiology research study, or to download a PDF copy of the research article to share with your TFH clients, and TFH students, click here. ‘Touch for Health’ based kinesiology interventions: An innovative qualitative research exploring clients’ perspectives

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