The Essential Tool with Terry Webb


This is a streaming video recording of Terry Webb’s presentation, The Essential Tool: How a Simple Drawing Can Assess Blockages Restricting One’s Potential and How to Balance for It, from the 47th Touch For Health Kinesiology Association Annual Conference 2022 in Rochester, MN.

Terry Webb was born in Cape Town, South Africa in 1947. After completing his schooling, he moved to Johannesburg to work on the Johannesburg Stock Exchange, making his way up to being a director of the 5th largest brokerage. He subsequently became an Estate Agent and a Property Valuer.

At the age of 59 he turned to Kinesiology through Touch for Health I -4, and Brain Gym, qualifying as an international trainer. In his practical year, working in a school he noticed that students’ learning patterns could be identified through the infinity sign (lazy8). From this, he developed a program using lazy 8s drawn by students, which identify learning blockages. These challenges can be corrected through exercises and Kinesiology balances. Terry teaches this work in several countries.


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