Sharing at the Grassroots Level with Matthew Thie


TFHKA 2020 Virtual Conference – Presentation Length: 1:40:32

This presentation by Matthew Thie will clarify how the origins of Touch for Health are based on the needs, enthusiasm and success of lay people using these simple methods, and how an optimum activity among both the grassroots and elite practitioners of TFH/Kinesiology can have the widest benefit for the community.

What you will learn:

  • History of TFH – Health from Within
  • Definitions of “Grassroots” and Touch for Health
  • A Political Movement for Social Change?
  • Defining Touch for Health
  • 10 x 10: Ten Techniques to Share in Ten Minute Balance & Teach Sessions
  • 100 x 100: the Japanese Secret to Generate 10 Instructor Trainings in one Year
  • TFH Syllabus of the IKC vs. Grassroots use following the “Each one Teach one” model
  • The New Normal (online TFH Training)

If you missed the annual TFHKA conference, don’t worry!  Now’s your chance to relive the experience. All previously registered attendees should receive complimentary on-demand access to the conference replays. If you have not received your access, contact us here.


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