Three Tan Tian – Rocking the ‘Sea of Qi” with Alexis Costello


TFHKA 2020 Virtual Conference – Presentation Length: 1:30:33

We are creatures of energy and electricity.  As a Touch for Health student and practitioner, we are familiar with balancing Meridians, Chakras, Auric Fields, and using Figure 8 flows, but in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) there are additional energetic flows to consider, including three pools or reserves of energy called Tan Tian.

During this presentation by Alexis Costello, you will learn more about the 3 Tan Tian energy centers, and how to incorporate balancing Tan Tian energy into your Touch For Health sessions.


  • Where the 3 Tan Tian are located
  • Why they are important
  • What Meridians and systems the Tan Tian are related to
  • Important qualities for improving health that Tan Tian energy can support
  • Plus, you’ll learn a new “mode” for working with the Tan Tian
  • And a protocol to use for balancing Tan Tian energy.

If you missed the annual TFHKA conference, don’t worry!  Now’s your chance to relive the experience. All previously registered attendees should receive complimentary on-demand access to the conference replays. If you have not received your access, contact us here.


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