Multidimensional Movement Through the 5-Element Wheel with Michelle Greenwell


TFHKA 2020 Virtual Conference – Presentation Length: 1:05:53

Movement patterns create the potential for new neuropathways to be secured after a healing session or balance.  In the Touch for Health protocols there is room for postural assessment and muscle function, but what happens to the relationship of whole-body movement and the flow of energy when a client completes a session?  During this presentation/demonsatration, Michelle Greenwell will demonstrate how Tai Chi patterns can be used as an observation tool, homework opportunity, or as a guide for further movement pattern development.  By combining the 5-Elements, with Tai Chi, and incorporating Sound and Color, this whole-body approach involves linking many aspects of body, mind, and soul, as well as movement potential across various dimensions of movement for a multidimensional approach to balancing the body.

During this presentation you will learn:

  • 8 Tai Chi Exercises
  • The Elements associated with each exercise
  • The Color associated with each exercise
  • The Sound associated with each exercise
  • Variations to Consider
    • Sound
    • Chakras
    • Emotions
    • Goal Setting / Affirmations
  • How to incorporate this into a Touch for Health Balance or use as an assessment tool to support the balancing process.

If you missed the annual TFHKA conference, don’t worry!  Now’s your chance to relive the experience. All previously registered attendees should receive complimentary on-demand access to the conference replays. If you have not received your access, contact us here.


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