Trust | The Root of All Balance with Adam Lehman


TFHKA 2020 Virtual Conference – Presentation Length: 1:23:29

During this presentation/demonstration by Adam Lehman, the concept of “Trust” will be presented, as being perhaps the most significant factor – at least for where we are now as individuals, communities, cultures, societies, and a species – for personal development and well-being.

Topics around Trust discussed during this presentation will include:

  • The challenge of Trust: Where does it come from? Is it inherent or acquired? Does it have to be earned? Or is it something we can simply choose?
  • Positive “heart-based” emotions and trust
  • The antagonist to Trust
  • The Brain and Environment – How we are wired
  • The Heart and the Brain – The Greatest of Frenemies
  • The Many Challenges to Trust
  • The Inner “Game”
  • The Road Back to Re-Establishing Trust
  • Your Guide to Regaining Trust

Also included is a basic balancing procedure you can use yourself, and with clients during your Touch for Health balances to help open the door to improving and regaining trust.

If you missed the annual TFHKA conference, don’t worry!  Now’s your chance to relive the experience. All previously registered attendees should receive complimentary on-demand access to the conference replays. If you have not received your access, contact us here.


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