Berry’s Body Management 1 with Brian Haraga


TFHKA 2020 Virtual Conference – Presentation Length: 1:20:21

During this presentation/demonstration with Brian Haraga, you will learn more about Berry’s Body Management, a practical and foundational system developed by Al and Maxine Berry.  This system was designed so that anyone can learn without previous experience or expand the skills that one has already acquired with other modalities, it mainly focuses on structural well-being, finding the root cause, and the many ways of dealing with them.

Learn more about:

  • Benefits of Berry’s Body Management System
  • A Basic Outline of Beginning Procedures
  • Live Blood Cell Analysis (LBCA) Incorporated into a Balancing Session
  • Observe a Balancing Session using these techniques

If you missed the annual TFHKA conference, don’t worry!  Now’s your chance to relive the experience. All previously registered attendees should receive complimentary on-demand access to the conference replays. If you have not received your access, contact us here.


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